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 Bermuda Triangle Story - Questions

Please read the article on Antarctica here before answering the questions.

Flight 19

1) When did Flight 19 disappear?

a) December 5, 1947 b) December 4, 1945

c) December 21, 1945 d) December 5, 1945

2) How many bomber planes went missing first? 

a) 1 b) 7

c) 5 d) none of them went missing

3) Where did Flight 19 depart from? 

a) Puerto Rico b) New Zealand

c) Florida d) Bermuda

Miami Cruiser

4) When did the Miami Cruiser disappear? 

a) December 22, 1867 b) December 22, 1967 

c) December 23, 1967 d) December 22, 1977 

5) How many minutes did it take for the coast guard to reach the location? 

a) 20 minutes b) 12 minutes

c) 19 minutes d) 21 minutes

6) Did they ever find the ship?

a) Yes after 3 days b) Yes after 3 years

c) Yes after 18 minutes d) No they never saw it again

USS Cyclops

7) When did the USS Cyclops go missing? 

a) March 1918 b) October 1967

c) April 1967 d) It never went missing

8) How many crew were on board? 

a) None b) 209

c) 307 d) 309

9) The captain of the ship _______?

a) Called for help 100 times b) Radioed for help 

c) Never sent a distress call d) Had a party 

10) According to your reading more than how many ships and planes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle?   

a) 700 b) 150